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Brighten up your gardening game with a light kit that takes plant growing to the next level - the SunBlaster T5HO 24-Inch 24-Watt Strip Light Fixture Grow Lighting Kit. This grow light is the perfect way to extend your growing season. Sunblaster horticultural lighting is powerful and reliable. This grow light features a built-in electronic ballast so you always have instant starting with no flickering. This fluorescent grow lamp also features 6500-degree K, 24-watt, and 110-130V full-spectrum lighting that lasts up to 10,000 hours. This grow light also features durable aluminum housing that protects the lamp in busy greenhouse environments. All told, this SunBlaster 0900172 fluorescent grow light includes a ballast, T5HO light, 6-foot power cord, 14-inch link cord, and 2 flush mount so you have everything you need.

SunBlaster 0900172 24 in. T5HO 24W

C$57.95 Regular Price
C$40.57Sale Price