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 Growing Systems

Hydroponics is a process in which grow plants using only water and nutrients no soil required.
Hydroponics growing systems come in many different shapes and sizes. From deep water culture, drip irrigation to drain to waste systems. Lite it up hydroponics has stocked the very versatile growing system from the bucket company. This growing system can be very easily modified into many different growing systems.


Lighting is one of the key elements for indoor growing. It is very important to have enough light to cover your grow space so your plants will all get the same amount of light. At Lite it up hydroponics we have grown lights available whether you are in the early stages of propagation or ready to flower we have a light for you. We stock t5 units high-pressure sodium, metal halide, ceramic metal halide, led.
We have dimmable ballasts available in 400, 600,1000 watts with a wide selection of reflectors, cool tubes, vented hoods to light up any grow space.

grow lights


Lite it up hydroponics has some of the top award-winning nutrient lines on the market.

The nutrients we carry are designed specifically for cannabis plants and contain all the vital minerals needed to produce lush healthy plants. as well we have co2 busters and special additives that will enhance your gardens potential.

remo nutrients
emerald harvest nutrients
advanced nutrients big bud


Creating the perfect environment for your plants with good airflow and circulation.
When growing indoors the is done with fans filters co2 admitters, ac units dehumidifiers.
Lite it up hydroponics has everything you need to help you achieve and maintain the perfect environment for your plants to thrive. Inline fans, oscillating fans, carbon filters, ducting, co2 enrichment, thermometers hydrometers.

Grow tent kits

Whether you are new to indoor growing or just looking to add to your existing garden.
Lite it up hydroponics has put together great starter kits for beginners or someone looking to get everything they need in one package. Our kits have all the essential equipment needed to start your indoor garden started. We have many different sizes and options available no matter how big or small your growing goals may be.


Propagation is very important as it is the beginning of your garden and you want a good healthy start.
At Lite it up hydroponics we stock all the products you need to give your seeds or cuttings a perfect start. We have aqua cloners, deluxe propagation kits. Growth mediums such as terra fiber and jiffy pucks. AS well as rooting gels and small tents.

Pest Control

Pest control is very important. Keep a close eye on your plants and watch for changes and leaf damage.
Although the insects are small they can be devastating to a crop if left unattended take care of any signs of bugs a soon as possible. Lite it up hydroponics as a wide selection of safe to use pesticides and insecticidal soaps to help you eliminate the problem and get your garden pest-free.

pest control

Smoking Accessories 

Lite it up hydroponics is not your average grow shop we are also a ahead shop carrying all your favorite  smoking accessories. We have Hash making bubble bags and magic butter makers to make your own eatable treats. On display are some of the best quality glass such as Clover, Boss, MGM. Stop by and check out our selection of over 30 flavors of your favorite rolling papers from brands such as Zig Zag, Skunk and Juicy Jays. Along with detox kits, grinders, pictures, blankets and so much more.

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