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This Super HPS (High Pressure Sodium) grow lamp allows you to stretch your growing season to 365 days a year. Fine-tune your lighting system to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth. Super HPS grow lamps provide up to 15% more available energy for plant growth than the standard high pressure sodium lamp. Super HPS grow lamp's enhanced spectral energy distribution is designed to grow a wider variety of plants.


1. Ceramic insulation plate for better insulation and performance. 

2. High output,balanced spectrum is engineered specifically to promote vigorous plant growth.

3. Robust stainless steel armature versus nickel plated steel,far stronger and longer lasting.

4. Optimized spectrum (Red and Yellow) and high PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) to enhance flowering.

5. Extra-low lumen depreciation: maintaining over 90% of initial lumen output after running for 5,000 hours.

6. Fusion Bright bulbs work well with both Magnetic and Digital Ballasts.

Fusion Bright 400W Super HPS Bulb

SKU: Box96
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