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Mega pack of organo-mineral fertilizers from Grotek , which includes everything we need to achieve the best results in our cannabis crops .

This fertilizer kit is designed so that we always have all the products we need for the entire crop cycle available, from basic fertilizers to stimulators .

The proposed growth fertilizer is a 1lt bottle of Solotek Grow , as well as a liter of Solotek bloom as a flowering fertilizer.

As a growth and flowering stimulator, it includes 1lt of Vitamax Plus , a complex of micro and macro elements completing each phase of development.

To promote bud enlargement it also contains 1lt Heavy Bloom , based on plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates, with a balanced solution of Phosphorus and Potassium derived from organic and non-organic sources .

As for the included Bloom Fuel 1LTs , it works as a stimulator of the formation of flowers, side branches and reduces the stress generated by the change of photoperiod.

The 130g of Monster Bloom also included in this pack is a supplement of Phosphorus and Potassium which will maximize the magnification and production of flowers in full bloom.

Finally, it also contains 20 g of Vegetative Growth Booster , a nitrogen supplement that will make growth explosive, and 20 g of Blossom Blaster for the start of flowering, for tighter knots, thus preventing the plants from stretching. and control their growth, while promoting the production of flower buds.

Features of Grotek Megapack:

  • 1x 1l of Solotek Grow
  • 1x 1l of Solotek Bloom
  • 1x 1l of Vitamax Plus
  • 1x 1l of Heavy Bloom
  • 1x 1l of Bloom Fuel
  • 1x 130g of Monster Bloom
  • 1x 20g of Vegetative Growth Booster
  • 1x 20g of Blossom Blaster

Grotek mega pack

C$139.99 Regular Price
C$104.99Sale Price
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