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The CMH lamps have an increased efficiency in PAR/Watt compared to other forms of HID lighting. CMH lamps can be used as a primary veg light, a primary light for SOG applications, or a supplemental full spectrum light for large flowering operations. ; CMH bulbs have a broad spectrum of '' white''light. While MH lamps have mainly '' blue''spectrum light and HPS lamps have '' red/yellow''spectrum light being released, CMH lamps are considered to have a broad spectrum. This means that our CMH lamps has a more even spectrum output than any other double ended lamp being used for indoor growing. ; Specifications Lumens 100,000 Color Temperature 3100k CRI 90 Glass Size T32.5 μmol/s 1700 Caution: ;Our lamps ;may be used in a damp environment but cannot be used in wet an environment and outdoors. Caution: Due to the special design of the double ended bulb, please place the fixture horizontally before connecting to a power source. The CMH bulb could be damaged if the fixture is placed on an angle after power is on.

LUMAGRO 1000W Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Bulb 3100k DE CMH Lamp

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C$75.99 Regular Price
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