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The Bucket Company Stake Growers 4 Planter 10 Gallon Kit

The Planter was designed by growers for growers, the main selling point of The Ez-Pz Planter is that it’s a Universal System that can be used in countless applications from small grow tents to large commercial growing operations. They’re 100% Expandable, whether you need 1 or 1,000, the Ez-Pz Planter Growing System is for you!


Unique Feeding Manifold comes with Four replaceable 360 Degree Sprayers. The design completely covers your media to ensure that your nutrients and water are spread evenly. 


The planter has a 3 degree “V” bottom & raised bumps inside to keep your plants properly drained. The bevelled sink opens up to a 3/4″ hole with a grommet that accepts any 1/2″ PVC or Barbed fitting.


If you are looking to grow with Soil or Coco, you can automate your system to feed by adding a timer for 3 minutes a day. Run your drain lines either with PVC or PVC Hose out to recycle or treat and run to waste. These revolutionary Planters have four openings on the bottom four corners allowing you to insert 1/2” PVC legs for the 1.2 Gallon & the 3 Gallon while the 1-1/4” PVC for the 10 Gallon will hold your bucket firmly above cold slabs, discharged water & give you the gravity you need to expel the discharge! Now you can set your planter at any height you want making walking in your garden and feeding much easier. No more crawling or bending. Unique universal systems can be used as a Feed to Waste (Run to Waste) growing system when using mediums like soil and Coco. With our feed to drain system it gives you the advantage of putting your systems on a timer and let the Irrigation Manifold, flowing at 4 Litres per minute do all the work! So, either 4 buckets or a 1,000, we can engineer a custom application for everyone’s needs.


Hydroponic is a method that is mainly used with mediums like Rockwool, Clay Pebbles. It simply returns your discharged water/nutrients from the bucket back to the reservoir for recycling feeding regiment. Hydroponic is a little more hands on but has a lot great benefits. It’s up to the grower on which method to choose from, we just give options!

4 x EZ-PZ 37.8 Litre - 10 Gallon Planters 

4 x Reusable Screen inserts

4 x Irrigation Manifolds

16 x Manifold brackets

4 x Shut Off Valves

5 x Replacement Washers

40 x Sprayers

4 x Grommets

1 x Work station 

16 x 1 1/4” PVC Insertable Planter Legs 254mm High

1 x FDA Approved PVC Hose OD: 3/4” 7.62 metres (25ft)

32 x Spreader Arms (5/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”)

Drain Fittings:

4 x 1/2” MPT Tee 22mm Barb with Nut and Washer
4 x 1/2” FPT 22mm (3/4”) Barb
4 x 1/2” MPT 22mm Barb Elbow with Nut and Washer

The recommended Reservoir required Per 4 Buckets is 90 to 100 Litres

Can I use my Planters without the PVC Legs?

Yes, but we recommend to do so when using the Irrigation Manifold as a drip system (10 Gallon).